Bluffs park | February 9th

MM_Vision Boards-28i.jpg

On Friday, February 9th, Malibu residents gathered on Bluffs Park to participate in a Vision Board workshop. The event was led by Makers Mess, an art studio located in Silver Lake that specializes in curating creative workshops and learning experiences. This partic- ular workshop was based around the idea of visualizing goals for the New Year and helping ensure resolutions come to fruition. Guests of the event were invited to create vision boards to help generate artistic, big-picture representations of the key aspects of their lives, as well as goals and dreams they hope to make reality. With guided help, guests spent their time crafting blank poster boards with magazines, fabrics, colored-pencils, and more to make the vision board their own, diving deep into their ideal plans and visions for the coming months and years. MM