People Malibu Loves: Lenise Soren

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Owner of Sorenity Rocks Malibu and active Malibu resident, Lenise Soren specializes in crystals, artistic performance and human wellness. She has worked with the high-profile and continues to expand her knowledge and experience with the Malibu community. We got to sit down and chat with Lenise about her love for theater, crystals and giving back to the community. 

How long has Sorenity Rocks Malibu been open?

We are in our year anniversary this month, we've produced a few private events to celebrate and more to come, thanking Malibu for all the support. I’ve worked in Malibu for about six years creating these environments for events and fundraisers on location.

What did you do before?

I was actually doing the same work, just didn’t have a brick and mortar until now. I am a development producer, I produce different types of wellness art. There are a few genres I specialize in, developing Broadway theater and helping to support and expand artists. I consult for many artists, musicians, writers, directors, actors, helping them to expand and stay balanced. I am also a crystal designer and specialize with very large and rare crystals. I work with many pro-athletes who find that large crystals balance their very large bodies.

For people who don’t know much about crystals, what is the theory behind them?

There are many theories. They are all minerals, many of which are found in the human body. I have learned that these minerals change the molecular structure in the air quality. Working with the large pieces I notice patterns. For example: I see many women in their mid sixties, a time when most women’s bone density is rapidly decreasing, are very attracted to calcite, which is made from almost 100% calcium. It’s very logical to me. I have a very scientific brain and am very open to the unknown. It has just been so many years with so many clients. The proof is in the pudding. I am a big wellness advocate and am passionate about wellness, which equals efficiency, to me.

So you said you have a very scientific mind, but then you are also very involved with arts. Those are generally considered opposites, so how do you balance the two sides of your brain?

By combining them into action, the performers performing in this environment with the large crystals it’s very new to them. I'm always open for feedback, I’ll sometimes give crystals away, I’m big on presents. I want to know the feedback and hear what other people experience. The kids are most important to me, to have a place where they can be present is extremely important, so we don’t allow phones in here. It's a no phone zone.  It’s a sacred space, with simple rules if you’re nice you can stay, and if you’re an asshole you can leave.

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What inspired you to get into this kind of work?

The results. I love what I do, crystals was just a hobby of mine that became a passion and then a business. I’m always on a quest for truth and efficiency for my health and well-being, which then in turn is shared with so many people. I think the inspiration was that I can help. I always have big pieces from my own collection to share and there are a lot of people who come by just to experience it.

What are your long term goals for this space?

To continue building the high quality of performances, events and fundraisers. Any place that I would open would always be created with the crystal interactive gallery experience and performing art sanctuary. Part of my nature is to create mind, body and soul wellness. I will always have enough space to offer a variety of crystals, so no matter the budget, everyone can find a piece.

Let’s switch topics just a tiny bit, you’re also on the chamber of commerce. What inspired that?

I became involved July of last year when I did the Malibu Arts Festival and I produced the “wellness village.With 15 booths I created an atmosphere similar to my shop. I really wanted to see the response and to connect with the community. Shortly there after, I was then elected to the board of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce.  I wanted to expand community, wellness and artistry. In June, I became the chairwoman. This new board is very passionate about creating a junior chamber of commerce to help kids find passion and learn about entrepreneurship.  

You are very involved with the Malibu community, have you always lived in Malibu?

No, I am originally from the East Coast, Baltimore and come from a full family of New Yorkers. I then moved to New York and then to Los Angeles about 14 years ago. I lived part-time in Malibu and got my first place here about two years ago. My partner and I now live in Point Dume.

What do you do in your free time?

I do love spending time with horses. And my cat, I can’t believe I have gone through half of this interview without mentioning my cat. Merlin the Crystal Wizard Cat is in the gallery a few times a week. He has travelled the country with me working with people and he has been in every event in the gallery. People come in just for Merlin. We joke that he owns the place and I work for him. But lately, in my free time, I’ve been exploring new nonprofits to work with. My partner and I actually just opened a new charity, it’s called Malibu GIVES to develop and expand wellness, community and artistry in Malibu and beyond. It is the right time and I have a lot of friends and clients who want to give which, doesn’t have to be just financial. People can donate a performance or their time which, would fulfill the mission statement.

You talk about kids a lot, do you have any kids?

No I don’t have any of my own, Merlin is quite the handful. But I do have a niece and nephew. I am like their second mom and then tons of kids that I mentor. Up to this point we have mentored thousands and thousands of kids.

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How would you describe yourself in three words?

Caring, “out of the box thinker” and intuitive.

You said you grew up in Baltimore, do you mind giving some background on your life?

In high-school I was always athletic and interested in philanthropy. I went to University of Delaware and majored in communication and minored in psychology and theater. After that, I spent some time in Europe and landed in New York at 20. I met my partner, Carl Stillitano, and I was blown away with the type of work he does and the way that he taught acting. He’s a powerful writer. We now have 15 projects, eight Broadway plays and seven films from 20 years of development. I fell in love with acting and development and through these projects, I’m grateful to have created a way to act forever in such quality work.  That was at the same time when I began teaching kids acting in Harlem, that was tremendous, I also had an acting birthday party program blending creativity and personal growth as well at this time.

What specific goals are you focusing on in 2018?

I want to continue to do the play readings in the gallery and in other supporting locations continuing to Broadway. I want to see Carl’s The Donut Shop : An Anorexic, A Bulimic & An Over-Eater get locked in a donut shop, on every college campus in the country. I feel that this is the right time for Carl’s work to be implemented in the world. I want to continue to build up our charity Malibu GIVES and want to create more community by expanding interactive entertainment here in Malibu. I really want to support the artists here and want the best for their careers, their wellbeing and see how to expand their purpose and give. I am open to doing good things for good people.

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