Malibu Acupuncture

At her Cross Creek acupuncture clinic, Lauren Freiman combines ancient technique with modern medicine.

Written by Ramsey Abushahla | Photography by Julie Wuellner


Originating in China over 4,000 years ago, acupuncture is a time-tested medicinal practice effective at treating a wide range of ailments and conditions, from chronic pain to stress and depression. At Malibu Acupuncture and Herbs, health and wellness expert Lauren Freiman has combined this ancient treatment with the more modern functional medicine, which pinpoints the origin of disease in a patient-to-patient basis. Despite the age difference between these two practices, they both aim to address the underlying cause of a patient’s health issue rather than provide short-term solutions. In tandem, they can effectively treat a myriad of illnesses. “When most people think of acupuncture, they think of pain conditions,” Freiman said. “People are surprised when they find out acupuncture is  effective for treating nearly every health concern from anxiety and depression, to acid reflux, IBS, insomnia, autoimmune conditions, menopausal symptoms and more.” Acupuncture, which involves the insertion of thin needles into specific locations in the body, may understandably stir up some apprehension in potential clients, but Freiman insists that the benefits are worth overcoming “needle-phobia”. “I am well versed in ‘needle-phobia’ because funny enough, I never liked needles either,” Freiman says. “It was only when I found out how powerful they were that I changed my mind. I began thinking of needles as tools for healing, which is what they are in my mind to this day. I notice the same pattern in my patients. While very few people begin by liking needles, they love the effects of acupuncture. Patients change their perspective  of needles once they see the benefits on their body, mind and spirit.”

For those that are still wary, Freiman also offers acupressure, which employs light pressure on acupuncture points in place of needles. Aside from acupuncture and acupressure, Freiman offers private yoga classes to help patients heal injuries, manage stress, and connect with their inner spirit. Special offers for January at Malibu Acupuncture and Herbs include a “Restore and Revive” package — in which you can either choose five acupuncture sessions or five private yoga classes and a “New Beginnings” package, which offers a combination of five acupuncture and private yoga classes. MM

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