Gothic Glamour


WINTER IS UPON US, but that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to match the dull grey skies outside. Anita Patrickson, who styles for the covers and editorial pages of Elle, InStyle, Vanity Fair, and most recently Krysten Ritter for our February 2015 issue, shares some of her favorite winter pieces that will reinvigorate any outfit.

I love the brooding, sexy and confident feel of these pieces. It’s a combination of Dracula meets Downton Abbey. This “dark romance” trend is all about mixing pretty and feminine pieces with edgy and sultry items. Take a delicate lace top and pair it with a hardy grommet-lined pointy-toed pump. Apply a color palette of rich burgundy, luxe metallic and matte black for makeup along with textures and fabrics like deep velvets and vintage brocade prints. It’s all very sumptuous and decadent, and as it’s the holiday season, I say, why not?
Julian Chavez