Dan Eldon opening

Malibu City Hall | February 2nd


Over 150 Malibuites were excited to enter the creative realm of Dan Eldon and his captivating stories Friday February 2nd at Malibu City Hall for the opening of “The Journey is the Destination”. Dan Eldon tragically lost his life at age 22 in Somalia but was survived through his journals busting at the seams with rich stories portraying a worldly struggle. As a photojournalist, activist and artist, Eldon traveled around the world and observed famine, poverty and war-stricken countries while curating the beautiful works of art. He was known for telling critical stories of those without a voice. The City Hall exhibition features his imaginative storytelling methods with the inclusion of twenty- ve limited edition prints composed of multilay- ered, raw paintings, as well as journal entries and letters. The exhibition will be on display until until May 31. MM