People We Love: Ted McDonald

Healing Malibu Through 5 Points


Everyone from Olympic athletes to buttoned-up businessmen have visited 5 Point Yoga for Ted McDonald’s restorative flows. As a passion- ate endurance athlete, McDonald discovered the perfect equalizer to his high exertion fitness regimens in the slow, peaceful movements of yoga. McDonald’s studio, 5 Point, is grounded in McDonald’s five core values: nutrition, mental wellness, community, environment, and physical fitness. Since its beginnings in 2010, McDonald has aimed to bring these five points to the Malibu community and beyond. McDonald’s healing has reached all over the world through his philanthropic involvement with the charity, GO Campaign, and through his own company, Adventure Yoga Retreats. As a Lululemon Ambassador, he not only got to travel and teach yoga to Tour de France competitors, but he met his wife working at the Beverly Hills location. Lauren shares McDonald’s passion for wellness, working as a health coach, chef, and recent author, having just published the cookbook The Accidental Paleo. “Part of me is a little bummed about it because now everyone knows what I eat,” said McDonald with a laugh. “My secret is out!” In his free time, McDonald enjoys being in his “happy place”- the mountains, focusing on his personal and spiritual growth, and spending time with family.

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Ted McDonald for his inspiring work ethic and his genuine desire to extend wellness and healing to the Malibu community. MM

Holly Bieler