People We Love: Suzi Landolphi

One of the Biggest Hearts


Equestrian, grandmother, and lover of people and animals alike, Big Heart Ranch owner Suzi Landolphi exemplifies the compassionate spirit of Malibu. Landolphi devotes much of her time utilizing her horses’ “big hearts” to provide healing to children and veterans. Big Heart Ranch began with just three retired race horses, a few goats, a couple of alpacas, and a pig, and has not stopped growing since. Her training process teaches clients to be gentle and trust themselves. “You have to think, feel, and act honestly or else the horse won’t trust you,” she says. The most challenging — and in return rewarding — aspect of her work is “waiting until ‘human beings who are valuable and deserve to make a wonderful life’ see their value in the eyes of the animal. The animals already see them as valuable because they have no judgment.”

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Suzi Landolphi for giving hope to those suffering and offering compassion to anyone who needs it. MM

Holly Bieler