People We Love: Lucy Touresian

Keeping Malibu Healthy for Over 15 Years


If you’ve set foot in Vitamin Barn sometime in the last 15 years, chances are you have met Lucy Touresian. Driven by a passion to help people and a love for all things natural medicine and health, the ever-helpful and upbeat Touresian has been working in the health industry for over 20 years, first as a Sales Rep and then at Vitamin Barn. The Lebanese American Touresian grew up in the San Fernando Valley in a home filled with music, as both of her parents were international musicians, and while she has a strong love for music in the end her Zen, health and life-loving nature won out. Nowadays, the newlywed fills her days spending time with her husband, taking their dog for walks, doing yoga and nurturing her new-found passion for pottery. When talking about her passion for skincare, Touresian tells us that, “I wish to one day to open up a [medical] salon”. But for now she’s working on saving up to buy a house with her husband and adding a labradoodle puppy to the family.

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Lucy Touresian for always taking time to help customers with a smile, no matter how hectic Vitamin Barn may get.

Holly Bieler