People We Love: Lenise Soren

Creating a Deeper Community Connection

Photo Credit: Will Power Studios

Photo Credit: Will Power Studios

Even though Lenise Soren hasn’t been in Malibu for too long, she has already made a lasting impact on the community. Among other things, the East Coast native is a wellness advocate, producer, crystal collector, philanthropist, business owner and chairwomen at the Malibu Chamber of Commerce. Over the last year she has managed to create one of the most unique spaces in Malibu. Sorenity Rocks is not only a store but also a venue that showcases Malibu artwork, holds classes, workshops, Broadway play readings, meditations and whatever else may come up in an effort to build a deeper community connection through art and and wellness. Soren’s gentle yet passionate spirit is evident in all she does, from mentoring kids to bringing her cat, Merlin, into the store to working closely with various charities such as Wolf Connection. Recently, the avid gift-giver launched her own charity, Malibu GIVES with a goal very much consistent with the way she lives her life, “to develop and expand wellness community and artistry in Malibu and beyond.”

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Lenise Soren for giving the community of Malibu a space to connect, grow and heal through art, crystals and wellness. MM

Holly Bieler