People We Love: Julia Townsend

An Inspiration to Just About Anyone

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It’s not often one meets someone as inspiring as Julia Townsend. At 24, the Malibu local is a familiar face around town, having working in the community for eight years, from Ollo to Bui Sushi to Ollie’s Duck and Dive and now at the Westlake Village Inn, received a BA in psychology, and been an all-American athlete, but it's her astonishingly hardworking, passionate and yet humble attitude that sets Townsend apart. “I’ve grown up very privileged,” she said of her Malibu upbringing. “And [now] I want to help people who don’t have a lot. I was always taught to give back.” Despite being used to working back-to-back shifts, running 15 miles up Las Flores Canyon on a daily basis and volunteering in underserved areas in her spare time, Townsend’s warm smile and compassionate soul never wanes. “If you’re happy, I’m happy,” she said. Now her focus lies on getting into graduate school for Speech and Language Pathology, her dream is to inspire those with learning differences to believe that they too can do great things. Her own inspiration comes from her brother who after having a seizure at age six developed several learning differences himself, “He’s my hero completely,” and her parents who helped him overcome his challenges and truly live life to the fullest, “You’ve never met anyone like me? Meet my parents! Trust me,” she said laughing.

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Julia Townsend for her fierce determination to make everyone’s life better, from people she used to seat at Ollo, to guests at the Westlake Village Inn to underprivileged kids with learning differences. MM

Holly Bieler