People We Love: Joyce Stickney

Minister and Mother to All


Joyce Stickney has preached at St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church for over a decade, but her open-hearted ministry reaches far beyond her Malibu parish. Growing up traveling through underdeveloped communities in Latin America, Stickney grew her compassionate, worldly perspective at an early age, leading her to ordainment at the young age of 28. For Stickney, family doesn’t end with blood relation. “Family is very fluid now, and creative. We’ve been a foster family for five years,” she says, “Church is my family too, those lines often get blurred.” It is evident that the mother of seven extends her strong family love to her parish, whose members often knit each other prayer shawls, share meals together, and conduct community outreach. While the now Malibu native considers herself more of a nomad, ever-seeking change, she says she found her ‘fit’ preaching and caring for the community in Malibu. “Everywhere I go, you stop and talk to people, I love that. My whole life is interconnected. I’m going to try to be a minister to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re part of the church. That’s probably why I’m still here. I have no desire to try something new.”

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Joyce Stickney for her open-armed, welcoming attitude and her devotion to not only her own family but the entire Malibu family. MM

Holly Bieler