People We Love: José Ángel Manaiza Jr.

Inspiring Malibuites To Chase their Dreams

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Mathematician José Ángel Manaiza Jr. was born and raised in Honduras with a dream to come to the United States and get an education. Now, he inspires others to understand the privilege that is education and fulfill their academic potential. In 2002 Manaiza moved to the U.S. and began school at UCLA. Now he lives in Malibu and is known as the “Tutor for The Stars,” providing academic tutoring to children of celebrities and influential families.

“What I love most about Malibu is the people,” Manaiza says.

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He first began tutoring after winning a Mathematics contest in which he was asked to help others. Now he aims to help kids get straight A’s and help professionals succeed in their careers. In 2014 Manaiza earned the highest amount of education awards by Toastmasters International. On top of his tutoring, he also teaches speed reading. He says he can read a book a day. In the future Manaiza hopes to expand his tutoring services throughout Southern California. But he doesn’t plan on moving anywhere else, especially now as a member of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce.

“I can’t see myself living anywhere else, I just love it here. This is the place for me,” Manaiza says.

Malibu Magazine loves Jose Angel Manaiza Jr. for his ability to teach others about the power of learning.

Holly Bieler