People We Love: Helene Eisenberg

The Angel of Malibu Urgent Care

MM_Helene Eisenberg.jpg

Malibuites have relied on Malibu Urgent care for years, but few realize what goes into keeping it open. For the past 15 years, Helene Eisenberg has devoted her life to doing just that as president of the Friends of Malibu Urgent Care foundation, believing strongly in the importance of having health care closely accessible to Malibuites. At 85, the Malibu resident is busier and happier now than most people half her age; she plays tennis three times a week, spends time with her three children, seven grandchildren and nine great grandchildren and of course devotes much of her time to charity, “I love doing it, that I can tell you. I love doing charity work,” she said, “ Shopping is for people that don’t have anything else to do.” Her compassionate spirit seems to resonate in all Eisenberg does, she is just a grateful receiving a five-dollar donation as she is a large one, “the thing is, whatever anyone wants to give is great” she said. This next year, she plans on focusing her time on raising even more money for the Urgent Care so that the 60-year-old building can be renovated. The new plans include adding handicap access, new beds as well as new equipment among other things.

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Helene Eisenberg for her loving attitude and devoting her time to keep Malibu Urgent Care running 365 days a year. MM

Holly Bieler