People We Love: Heather Carter

Mermaid ~ mer·maid /noun ~ a fictitious or mythical half-human sea creature with a woman’s head and the tail of a fish, conventionally depicted as beautiful and with long flowing golden hair. Malibu’s beloved Mermaid, aka Heather Carter, fits the definition perfectly. Blonde and beautiful, she’s the quintessential mermaid. “I love living in Malibu and being able to swim daily with the sea life in these sacred waters as a mermaid,” she said. As a mermaid, Carter “helps people remember their sea origins and respect the ocean and all her beings.” Her journey as a mermaid segued into a professional dance career, including in a production of Splash in Las Vegas. Questions abound. Where does one get a mermaid costume? Carter got hers at Merbella Studios. Being a mermaid surely sounds like a fun gig, but just how does a person make a living being a mermaid? Carter does many things and wears many hats, er – fins. She offers party services, teaching children about the sea. Using soul lore, she helps clients achieve spiritual enlightenment. She also helps them incorporate crystals into their lives and environments and teaches Vinyasa Hatha Flow yoga. With love and sea kisses, gratitude and wonder, and omnipresent respect for our ocean and environment, Malibu’s mermaid graces our majestic waters. MM

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Heather Carter for her passion to spread love, respect, and knowledge about the ocean. 

Holly Bieler