People We Love: Gabi Frank

Advocating For Our Youth


Gabi Frank was born and raised in LA but sought out Malibu for the peaceful beach scene, and soon found herself playing a larger role in building Malibu’s future generations than she could have ever imagined. Frank began her professional career as a commercial director at RadicalMedia, but the hustle and bustle of the job could not accommodate the time she hoped to devote to raising her two sons. After accepting an invitation to become the “room mom” for her son Auguste’s kindergarten class, she gradually found herself becoming more involved in her son’s education. Now, Frank serves as the Parent Teacher Association president, and has found a “sense of empowerment” in working to make a positive difference in the education of Malibu’s youth. Frank says, “the more you use your voice as a parent in the process of your child’s journey through school, the better it is for your kids.” When Frank is not working for the general youth of Malibu, she enjoys spending time with her own boys out- doors. “I’m a huge proponent of keeping the kids outside and off the phones. The more we can do outside the happier I am.”

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Gabi Frank for her dedicated work towards bettering Malibu’s public schools and providing an even better future for the community’s students. MM

Holly Bieler