People We Love: Alexandria Skouras

Altruistic World-Traveler

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If there was enough time, Alexandria Skouras, the owner of Pistol & Lucy, would travel everywhere. After owning her own boutique in Paris, Skouras grew tired of traveling back and forth so she decided to set up shop in Malibu, where she has now lived for 23 years. Her multi-brand boutique is full of unique items she has brought back from her adventures abroad. “Wherever I go I always seem to find something new,” said Skouras. “I can find beauty in everything.” One of Skouras’ favorite items in the store are wash bags handcrafted by shermen in the village of Lamu, Kenya. Due to a travel ban in Lamu, Skouras said, “I know I’m helping a community with these bags and providing jobs for them.” This act of kindness extends to her own travels in Africa. Skouras is passionate about the children at New Hope orphanage in Africa. Her work there is part of the local March to the Top foundation where she has been involved for 10 years. This year, she taught the children how to knit and tell time on watches she brought for them. “Since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to help others,” she said. “It’s just in my DNA.”

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Alexandria Skouras for her ability to find beauty in everything and her philanthropic involvement both abroad and in the community. MM

Holly Bieler