The Matt Edwards Method

Matt Edwards.

Matt Edwards.

For Matt Edwards, one of the top fit models in L.A., maintaining a perfect body isn’t just a goal; it’s a job requirement. For models like Edwards working in this specialized industry, wherein designers can check the exact fit and drape of a garment before it goes into production, it’s not enough to have perfect measurements come shoot day. Instead, Edwards must maintain a runway-ready physique every single day, with even a half-inch difference between fittings potentially derailing a whole months-long job.

What might come as a surprise, then, is the fact that Edwards doesn’t count calories. “That would make me go crazy,” he says with a laugh. Equally surprising is the fact that he doesn’t starve himself— far from it—instead opting for three substantial meals a day. When it comes to gym time, Edwards’ routine doesn’t sound like a typical model’s either—he spends only about 60 minutes working out a day, usually completing low-impact exercises like swimming.

If you’re hating Matt Edwards right about now though, you shouldn’t be. Because if a daily routine wherein you eat large, good meals everyday, don’t spend a ton of time killing yourself in the gym and still ultimately end up with a model’s body sounds like a dream only reserved for the most metabolically-blessed among us, it’s not. Instead, anyone can adopt and see results from Edwards’ routines, with   The Matt Edwards Method. Based on a mission of achieving unparalleled mental and physical health while promoting best anti-aging practices, and all in the most easy-to-follow and simple-to-use way, The Matt Edwards Method is a highly-researched, results-driven regimen formulated for people of all ages and body types to feel and look their absolute best.

Quiet Time

While fine-tuning his method a couple years ago, Edwards put a few friends on the regimen to collect feedback. If the quick and dramatic results surprised many, so too did the element almost everyone reported as their favorite part of the method: Quiet Time, the 10-15 minute block each morning Edwards set aside for grounding the mind.

“The quiet time is number one,” Edwards said. “You can be the fittest, best-looking person in the world. But what’s the point if you’re empty on the inside?”

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For Edwards, eating right isn’t about deprivation, but instead getting as much good stuff in your body as possible.

“I’m really big on nutrient-dense foods,” he said. “I wanted to make recipes that incorporated the foods that gave you the most bang for your buck.”

Edwards consulted with countless natural health and medical doctors over years, and in The Matt Edwards Method has compounded his research and experience into affordable and easy recipes utilizing extremely nutritious, Omega-3 heavy foods packed with a ton of vitamins. Common ingredients  in Method recipes include sockeye salmon, avocados and cage-free organic eggs. Each recipe has been meticulously engineered to foster health at every level, especially in the gut.


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While formulating  his method, Edwards knew from the onset he wanted a regimen that he could maintain for his whole life. This instantly eliminated the more grueling, high-impact exercises often favored in results-driven workout regimens.

“I want to feel good everyday,” said Edwards. “And if I pound an insane workout, there’s a high likelihood I wont be able to go the gym the next day because my body will have to recover. Instead, I want do something just enough so I get all of the results from the increased blood flow, but shut it off in time so I can recover properly and do it the next day.”

All of Edwards’ workouts time in at just 60 minutes or less, and comprise low-impact, high-intensity training with minimal wear on the body, like swimming. MM

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