People We Love: Scott Sutphen

MM_Scott Sutphen.jpg

Some 35 years ago, Scott Sutphen and his father Dick packed their bags along with their healing abilities to make the move from Arizona to Malibu. Sutphen explained that his father was a past life aggression hypnotherapist. “He had his fame in his own little way, just how everyone is kind of famous in Malibu.” In 1988, Dick passed the business on to Scott, and he has since continued to expand upon his father’s healing services. “We offer the community what they need to help themselves; the energy of a crystal, a really cool book, nice conversation, a perspective,” Sutphen said. “It’s really that simple.” Even people who don’t believe in the healing qualities of crystals come into the store, “for aesthetics. People want to make their home beautiful and so forth”. Sutphen loves the simple lifestyle that Malibu offers. In his free time, he and his wife of six years indulge in what he calls Malibu’s “perfect synergy of country, awareness and beautiful nature,” riding motorcycles, hanging out with their five dogs and most importantly, “loving each other. It’s a great life.”

Malibu Magazine loves Scott Sutphen for taking care of the Malibu community whether through healing crystals or good conversation.

Holly Bieler