People We Love: Sarah Cunin


Director of Gan Preschool, co-director of Chabad Malibu and mother of nine, Sarah Cunin easily has one of the biggest hearts in Malibu. The personable Malibu resident of 23 years has been taking care of Malibu’s youngest ever since she her and husband, Rabbi Levi opened Gan Preschool some 20 years ago in an effort to stay more involved in their children’s lives. Through her dedicated care she has created a thriving preschool that fosters imagination and creativity with the goal of, “not putting any child into a mold,” Cunin said.

She balances her work with raising her own children by combining her roles as mother and preschool director as much as possible.

“I see every child as a little light,” she said.

It is easy to tell that to the Cunins, family, faith and the Malibu community mean everything. They often blend all three together by inviting members of the preschool and the community into their home to celebrate Jewish holidays together.

Malibu Magazine loves Sarah Cunin for her kind, passionate spirit and her dedication to providing Malibu’s youngest with a place to grow and thrive. to attain their best academic potential.

Holly Bieler