People We Love: Erica Macvittie


When Erica MacVittie took over as the Race Director for the Malibu Marathon, the first task she took on was partnering up with the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu. “I wanted to organize an event that inspires a positive message but more than anything supports the club,” she says. Thanks to MacVittie, the Malibu Marathon has become one of the main avenues to sponsor the Boys and Girls Club in Malibu and is an annual opportunity to bring the community together. MacVittie came to Malibu from Italy in 2011 and our community quickly became a second home to her. “I really felt like I belonged to Malibu after starting to organize the Malibu Marathon.” Organizing the race is a huge production and MacVittie makes it clear that it truly takes a village. “I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the support of our volunteers.” Every year, over 300 volunteers come out for the event to celebrate the community and give participants the opportunity to live the Malibu experience for a day, running the Pacific Coast Highway without having to fight traffic. One of her favorite moments of the event, “The positive tension at the starting line with the sun coming up and the National Anthem playing is absolutely incredible.”

Malibu Magazine loves Erica MacVittie for her dedication to bringing the community together to share experiences that celebrate Malibu and its beauty.

Holly Bieler