Malibu School’s Principal Turnover

Image from Malibu Surfside News

Image from Malibu Surfside News

The day that kids and teens either love or hate is rapidly approaching. Dread it or not, the first day of school is only two weeks away on August 22nd. That day will also serve as Patrick Miller’s first day of being the Malibu High School principal. Previously occupied by Dr. Michelle “Cheli” Nye, Mr. Miller was confirmed as Malibu High School’s principal in late March.  He has plenty of experience with the district, according to the Malibu Times. In the 2018-2019 school year, he served as the Webster Elementary School principal. He previously served as the assistant principal at MHS as well. Miller has a long standing history with the families, parents, teachers, and students at Malibu schools. Parents seem to be on board with Patrick Miller occupying the position as principal. 

This is not the only change coming to Malibu public schools. Lila Daruty was just recently installed as Webster’s new principal. According to the Malibu Times, this will be her first time ever serving as a principal.  Daruty has worked with Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District in the past, holding teaching positions at both Will Rogers Elementary School and McKinley Elementary School. She has held a variety of positions working with SMMUSD, which gives her the experience she needs to take on the role.

For the first time ever, Malibu Middle School is getting there own principal. The combination of the high school and middle school is just another thing that makes this city so unique. However, the middle school and high school are becoming more and more separated every year. Along with moving over to the Juan Cabrillo campus, the middle school is getting their own principal. Mellisa Andino will take over the coveted role as Malibu Middle School principal. At a school board meeting, Andino said that she will be “working on building that middle school identity that we’ve been wanting to do.”

Big changes are coming to the schools. It seems that Malibu’s youngest community members will be in the right hands for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. MM

Holly Bieler