The Home + Design Issue: Q&A With Malgosia Migdal


While still a student at UCLA, Malgosia Migdal received her very first commission, and soon thereafter founded her eponymous firm Malgosia Midgal Design. In the 20 years since, Midgal has helmed a range of projects, from spas to large residential homes, imbuing every interior with her trademark sophistication and contemporary eye. We sat down with Migdal to hear more about her background and new office right here in Malibu.

How did you first get into interior design? 

Designer Malgosia Migdal.

Designer Malgosia Migdal.

I grew up in Poland and, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for design. When I was a small child, I vividly remember cutting and sewing my parents’ brand new drapery. When they found me out, they were torn between shock, upset, and pride as they witnessed how focused I was on my creation. I then began cutting pieces of paper in the shape of houses and hanging them in my newly redesigned drapery. Fast forward to adulthood, I moved to America and studied at the UCLA and received my degree in Environmental Interior Architecture and Design.

When did you found your own firm, Malgosia Migdal Design? 

While I was still a student at UCLA I received my first interior design job. At that moment, MMD came to life and I’ve been working for myself ever since. A few years after graduating from UCLA, I received my certificate from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) – becoming a nationally recognized and certified interior designer. Over the last 20+ years, my projects have run the spectrum of large scale, ground-up construction of residential projects to smaller scale residential restoration, to personal yachts as well as hospitality design to spa venues, to commercial real estate offices – even dabbled in places of worship. Each project with their own unique design tailored to the client’s needs and with a mix of my personal aesthetic.  Almost every  piece in my projects are customized to ensure that the vision comes to fruition.

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How would you describe your aesthetic? 

Born in Poland, my style is often described as having a contemporary twist with a European touch, along with casual comfort. It has been said that my discerning eye seamlessly blends both traditional and comfortable elegance with contemporary undertones, resulting in spaces that are tailored, luxurious and livable. I’ve heard testaments that my fresh, yet timeless, design aesthetic has made me a very sought-after design professional. These statements, coupled with a bit of edginess that is unique in my design style, is why clients come back to me time and time again. It is an honor and I can’t imagine doing anything else. 

You recently opened a second office in Malibu. Why was it important for you to serve your hometown now? 

After the devastation that my neighbors and friends endured from the fires, I felt it was my duty and obligation to put my talent and passion to work in my own community. It is vital that we come together in the wake of natural disasters. This is the true path to resilience and sustainability – helping others however we can with our resources and our compassion. MM

Malgosia Migdal Design

29160 Heathercliff Rd., #415

Phone: (310) 432-7131

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