Elizabeth Lamont's Winter Picks

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With over 20 years of experience, Elizabeth Lamont is one of the most recognized and lauded figures in the Malibu design world. The founder and owner of Cross Creek home goods store and design firm Room at the Beach, Elizabeth has a reputation for her distinct eye and elegant, perennially-Malibu aesthetic.

Here, the Malibu local outlines her top picks to kick off a healthy and revitalized 2019, all sourced from local shops right here in Malibu.

1. Get Into Shape at Pure Barre

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Malibu Pure Barre owner Cynthia Webb will help you mold your body into its finest condition, utilizing Pure Barre’s trademark series of low impact, isometric movements which synthesize to produce incredible results. 

In each class, you’ll utilize a range of equipment, from light weights to the stuiod’s ballet bars, to target different areas of the body, from the legs to the abs to the glutes. The Pure Barre craze has taken off all over the country, and right her ein Malibu, the Cross Creek studio has gained a cult following throughout the community.

Cynthia Webb’s gift-store in her Malibu studio is also not to be missed. 

Pure Barre Malibu, 10 classes, $229

2. Indulge in Limited Edition Matsuda Sunglasses in Merlot, 9026-Eyes


Steve and Jen ( my neighbors) have owned 9026-Eyes for 21 years and have a great following in the Malibu community. One of their specialties is a service for people who have a drawer full of unusable glasses. Maybe the lenses are scratched, maybe they need repair? Whatever the case may be, bring in the bag and they will go through them with you, update an Rx, repair, adjust, etc. Make them perfect and wearable again. Best of all — this service is FREE! 

9026-Eyes, $500

3. Brighten Up Your House with Rose Quartz Crystals

Quartz room at the beach.png

In keeping with my blush theme this season, let me introduce these lovely quartz crystals that make a great home addition. Nothing says love like Rose Quartz. We love them at any time of the year. Its loving energies help to enhance self esteem, balance emotions and promote happiness. It enables us to see good in ourselves and in others, bringing peace to our lives. Who doesn’t need a bit of that?

Room at the Beach, $135-$275

4. Brighten Your Wardrobe with Tova Necklaces


One of the things I love most about my job is the ability to work one-on-one with clients to design special pieces. The same is true when it comes to jewelry, but for that, I leave it to the experts at Tova Malibu! Local designer Tova’s latest “A Star is Born” collection is a great introduction to her collection, featuring a beautiful ensemble of three necklaces each sold separately.

Tova Malibu, $450-$550

5. Fight the January Cold with a Rosy Down Sweater


Now that you know rose gold is the color of the season, why not extend the palette to your wardrobe? Blush is the way to go for holiday 2018, and look what I found at Ted Baker. This lilac puffer is the perfect way to feel sunny even in this inclement weather. MM

Holly Bieler