Pure Barre Comes to Cross Creek

The fitness craze sweeping the nation arrives on Malibu's shores

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For those unfamiliar with barre classes, they are total body workouts that combine cardio and strength training through various movements and exercises, many of which incorporate a ballet barre. Pure Barre, the country’s largest barre studio, has thrived since its opening in 2001, and now has over 460 locations throughout the United States and Canada. The Malibu Pure Barre studio just celebrated its two-year anniversary. Owner Cynthia Webb is a So-Cal native that got hooked on the Pure Barre lifestyle, enough so to open up her own franchise. Her firsthand success with Pure Barre sparked a passion that she brings to not only how she runs the studio, but how she instructs her classes.

“I started taking Pure Barre 9 years ago and have been passionate and devoted to it ever since,” Webb said.  “While I have been exposed to a life of athletics and fitness, I did not experience such a full body workout with immediate and noticeable results until I committed Pure Barre into my weekly routine.”

Pure Barre Malibu owner Cynthia Webb.

Pure Barre Malibu owner Cynthia Webb.

A typical Pure Barre workout starts with a warm up to get the blood flowing, followed by standing weight exercises to sculpt your arm and shoulder muscles. You then hit the barre for some intense lower body and ab work before finishing with a cool down stretch to work on that flexibility. In addition to working just about every muscle in your body, Pure Barre workouts clear your mind, allowing you to “get in the zone” and tune out all of the distractions and stress from your outside life. Although you will definitely feel the burn during each workout, Pure Barre’s low-impact nature is easy on your joints and ligaments, and there is little to no learning curve making Barre workouts unique in that there are no skill levels associated with each class. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the movements based on your comfort level or specific needs to get what you need out of every workout.

Above all, Pure Barre offers a sense of community, with friendly staff and like-minded classmates from different walks of life. This is incredibly important — because we all know that it’s easier to stay on track with your fitness goals when you’ve got a good group of people supporting you. MM


Holly Bieler