Malibu Beach Yoga

With a great community, knowledgeable instructors and a zen athmosphere, Malibu Beach Yoga is the perfect studio for anyone looking to start practicing yoga in the new year.

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A beautiful studio conveniently located in the Point Dume Village on PCH, Malibu Beach Yoga offers a wide range of practices for every type of yogi. Founded by Khalil Rafati, who has used the combination of yoga, juicing, and meditation to overcome addiction and depression, the studio aims not only to improve your well-being physically, but also spiritually. Despite not being a teacher himself, Rafati is no stranger to the lasting mental and physical benefits of yoga.

“I truly believe health and wellness is paramount and intrinsically related to lasting freedom from addiction and sobriety,” Rafati said. “If I didn’t feel good for a sustained period of time I would have returned to drugs and alcohol. Everything we do is an attempt to avoid pain and gain pleasure. Drugs and alcohol may feel good, but so does being in amazing shape and being super healthy. There are very few things that I’ve ever experienced that feel as amazing as doing a really awesome yoga class.”

Malibu Beach Yoga offers a variety of classes and styles that fit the preferences and skill level of just about anyone. They’ve got everything covered — from slow and gentle Hatha, to more advanced and fast-paced Vinyasa, to hot yoga. The studio itself has plenty of open space, and has an uplifting quality, from its bamboo floors, to the mural of Hindu deity Ganesh, to the generous natural light that flows through the windows. “Malibu Beach Yoga is a space where people can immediately feel comfortable, calm and at ease as soon as they walk in the door,” Rafati said. “They see the beautiful artistry and power of the mural, connect with the earth energy of the crystals, and the expansive view of the mountains and ocean — all of these are a reflection and a remembering of what is in each and everyone of us.” The studio’s intimate setting has created a vibrant and thriving community, which only adds to the well being of each individual.

“The community is phenomenal, where old friends can know they can see each other on a daily or weekly basis while also making new friends,” Rafati said. “And last but not least, the teachers are the key ingredient that holds it all together, all with such distinct and highly individual approaches.” MM

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Holly Bieler