Five Sense Collective

Drawing on years of experience and a rolodex of some of the city's most in-demand healers, 5 Sense Collective co-founders Dru Erin and Kirscha Cramer are putting a highly-curated, individualized spin on Los Angeles' saturated wellness industry.

Written by Holly BielerPhotographed by Rose Elizabeth and Leia Vita Marasovich


For stressed-out Angelenos, there is certainly no dearth of options when the time comes to unwind. Los Angeles takes wellness seriously, with a range of services and studios throughout the city from time-honored, traditional techniques like yoga and meditation, to more cutting-edge healing remedies like sound therapy. Indeed, so saturated is this city with treatments touted as mental-clarity cure-alls it can sometimes be overwhelming figuring out the right regimen for what you’re trying to achieve.

This is where Five Sense Collective, a new group which provides curated therapeutic healing events utilizing a wide range of techniques, comes in. Founded in 2017 by Dru Erin and Kirscha Cramer, both certified yoga instructors with nearly 20 years in the wellness industry between them, Five Sense Collective has only been around for a few months, but it’s holistic approach to healing and health has quickly caught on. The Collective offers both in-home curated healing events as well as events throughout the Valley and Malibu, providing a wide variety of techniques and therapies such as yoga, acroyoga relational healing, meditation, kundalini, breathwork, nutrition services, aromatherapy, and more.

Five Sense co-founders Dru Erin (left) and Kirscha Cramer (right).

Five Sense co-founders Dru Erin (left) and Kirscha Cramer (right).

“Our clients leave our events with a deeper sense of connectivity to all things as well as a new perspective on the way we care for ourselves, our homes, our community and our Earth,” said Cramer. “We may view our lives through a softer, more compassionate lens, with which we can also apply to how we experience the world, and our work. You’ll likely walk away with a new friend, or opportunity.”

Erin and Cramer, who originally met years ago while both working in the fashion industry, eventually reconnected after their professional paths had both brought them to the wellness industry. “We weren’t feeling like what we were getting what we needed, our souls weren’t satisfied,” said Erin. “Individually we kind of each found our own healing yoga path.” That shared passion for holistic healing and specialized treatments eventually lead them to found Five Sense Collective in October of last year.

“We kind of found our way back to each other and had this stronger-than-ever bond,” said Erin. “It was like the universe was seriously paving the way for us to do this together. It kind of magically appeared in our lives.” Armed with a well-curated rolodex of some of the top healing practitioners in the city, Erin and Cramer take an individualized, highly-curated approach towards planning all their events, which can range from one and half to four hours and for which all services are specifically tailored. Clients either come to them with specific events in mind, such as a girls’ night hosted for close friends, or an event for a wedding, or offer their homes for general healing events.

“We curate events in accordance with the healing that’s needed,” said Erin.


Custom healings can be tailored to meet a range of themes and events. Recent themes from Five Sense Collective have included Couples Healings, Relational Recovery (heartbreak or separations), Memoriam, New-Home Blessing, Women’s Gathering, Moon Ceremony, Birthday Party, Spiritual Commitment Ceremony, girls night in or just a good time. Once Cramer and Erin have had a chance to discuss their clients concerns and goals, they cull from their database of healers to pick the perfect healing practices and practitioners.

“Let’s say a woman is going through a divorce and wants to throw a girls’ night with her friends,” Cramer added. “We’d probably put together a group of very empowering women to come in such as energy healers and yoga instructors. Everything would be based on opening the heart, allowing the heart to accept what’s going on presently, and accept what’s going to happen in the future.”

Additionally, if people in the community want to offer their home but don’t have a specific event or mission in mind, Cramer and Erin can put together a more wide-ranging program. “[The event] will be according to something that’s happening cosmically, or environmentally, something that we find necessary,” said Erin. “If we feel a house has some type of positive energy then we will embrace that. Or if there’s a certain type of energy we want to clear out, then we could do a cleansing ceremony, or something like that.”


As varied and individualized as all their events and practices are, Erin and Cramer say the focus of the Five Sense Collective events all boil down to the same thing. “Our events help us drive our energy into what is purposeful in the here and now,” said Erin. “We bring our attention to focus on syncing our breath with our physical movements, while creating a deeper connection to the spiritual self, the Earth and those around you. By experiencing these events, we are able to approach our lives with greater creativity, resonance, with less stress or anxiety-impulsivity.”

Five Sense Collective prides itself on working with small, local business and vendors, ensuring their programming maintains a strong community feel. Erin and Cramer’s deep wealth of industry knowledge, both as practitioners and clients, has allowed them to organize an exceptional team of experts in a variety of fields. “Thankfully we know a good source of healers in the local community,” Cramer said. Although their initial professional roots are in the fashion industry, with Erin originally working as a photographer and Cramer as a stylist, both said they have been interested in healing and wellness for years. “I have always been kind of clairvoyant and intuitive since I was a child, and so has Kirscha,” said Erin. “For us, it’s just kind of a natural ability that we have figured out through our own healing, and can now bring into our everyday lives.”

In addition to her AcroYoga International and Mindfulness and Meditation certificates, Cramer holds a degree in Interpersonal and Group Communication. She has also developed her own practice called AcroYoga Relational Healing, which combines her background in institutional movement and mindfulness to emphasize the relational healing practice of trust, communication and movement. Erin’s interest in healing and wellness began with her work as a competitive equestrian gymnast, which eventually lead her to pursue yoga training later in life. And while the majority of Erin and Cramer’s work at Five Sense Collective circles around organizing and planning programming for events, both still take time to lead portions of events.


“We definitely partake in the sessions if we’re the right fit,” said Erin. Though only about half a year old, Erin and Cramer say thus far the Collective has been thriving. Their launching event, The Lunar Trilogy, took place on January 27th in Hidden Hills, the success of which inspired them to kick off events in neighboring cities like Malibu and Hidden Hills. Recent events have included The Beach Experience, which took place at a Malibu Colony home to welcome Spring with an afternoon of yoga, sound healing, meditation and nutrition.

The Collective is also working on integrating a six-week hip opener and mobility program known as “Hip Magic”, which will be offered every Monday and Friday from 9-10 a.m. Participants can look forward to releasing tension, increasing mobility and flexibility, and tending to the emotional body. Additional future programming will include “Soul Illumination,” a chest opening program, and “Core Focus,” a core stability program. Additional info and details on future events can be found on their website, And while they admit Five Sense Collective’s sudden popularity has brought with it a lot of work, Erin and Cramer say they view the Collective’s quick success, and the range of experiences and connections it has enabled, as a true blessing.


“We’ve had the most beautiful surprises and it’s been going better than we could have expected,” said Erin. “It’s been a blessing. Every morning is a brand new story. Something else comes up and it’s just incredible to be living in.”

As for the future, both Cramer and Erin say they are focused on expanding their current work and enjoying their success thus far. “We’re not imposing any predetermined ideas, we’re just allowing [Five Sense Collective] to unfold naturally and take its own shape,” said Erin. “We can sit here all day and go in 5 million directions of where we might be in 5 years, but we’re really just trying to enjoy the ride and see what happens.”  MM

Holly Bieler