People We Love: Steve Donnelly

Whether it’s jogging on the side of Malibu Rd or delivering a package to your front door, Steve Donnelly is a man that’s widely recognized by the Malibu community, and rightfully so. Donnelly has been servicing the city of Malibu through countless package deliveries with UPS for over 32 years. “One thing I enjoy about my job is the people you meet,” he explains. “It’s a close community, everybody knows everybody. It’s unique from all the other cities I’ve lived in.” Donnelly has four generations of Los Angeles residents in his family, and he’s resided near Malibu for the past 12 years. Running his delivery route regularly through Malibu each morning, Donnelly has had many opportunities to become familiar with the residents of Malibu. When he’s not on his usual route, Donnelly can be spotted on a run, training for one of the many marathons he participates in. “I usually run right down Malibu Rd and everybody sees me.” Because of his genuine work ethic and appreciation of Malibu, Donnelly has connected with many residents and business owners here. He notes, “Usually everybody keeps to themselves in California, it’s neat being where it’s more of a community in Malibu.”

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Steve Donnelly for his upbeat attitude and positive demeanor whether delivering packages or running around town.

Holly Bieler