People We Love: Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Juan Carlos Rodriguez.jpg

When Malibuites shop at Ralph’s, one friendly face they often see is that of Juan Carlos Rodriguez, a checker and “go-to” guy for customers shopping for groceries and sundries. “I like to work in Malibu because I am a people person,” Rodriguez told Malibu Magazine. “It makes me happy to help them.” Co-worker Liza Roberts summed up why Rodriguez is so fun to be around. “Chuggy is a fantastic person,” She said. “He’s always smiling and buys us little treats – we just love him.” Why is his nickname Chuggy? “A few years ago, I was working with dispensers for flowers and the container said “Chuggy,” He said. “In a silly moment, they made a nickname and it just stuck.” Making the shopping experience fun, Rodriguez visits with customers. “I like to have conversations with them,” Rodriguez said. “We talk about sports and about each other’s kids.” When asked about his favorite sport, Rodriguez flashed a smile and said “I love the Lakers and I really enjoyed watching Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The team was having a bit of a struggle for awhile, But, this season, they’ll sign someone to help LeBron.” Rodriguez has been working at Ralph’s for 28 years. “Fifteen of those years, I’ve worked in Malibu.” He said. “I love it.”

MALIBU MAGAZINE loves Juan Carlos Rodriguez because of his caring, joyful manner as he helps people shop at Ralph’s.

Holly Bieler