Malibu City Council Rejects Short-Term Rental Ban

The Malibu City Council voted to reject a ban on short term rentals during last Monday night's (7/9) meeting. 

The Malibu Times is reporting that during the meeting, Mayor Rick Mullen asked each individual council member if they would consider an outright ban on short term rentals, a contentious issue for municipalities across the world as companies such as Airbnb have exploded in popularity. 

Each council member answered no, they would not consider an outright ban.

The meeting included a crowd of many Malibu locals both for and against Short Term Rentals, which called for heated debates about city regulations.

Those in favor of the ban have insisted that the creation of greater regulations would preserve family residential zones that have been deteriorated by poorly behaved renters. However Malibu locals in opposition to the ban, and more often than not owners of these rentals, reportedly assured the council that they do not rent to poorly behaved tenants, and voiced their right to earn extra income.

A critical topic of discussion included concerns surrounding septic inspection requirements that had not been required for short term rentals in the past. The Council eventually agreed to hire weekend enforcement and enforce septic systems to be inspected in order to obtain a $1000 permit.


Holly Bieler