ITOW: Jeff Jampol & Mace Camhe

When Malibu residents couldn’t get back home to retrieve items or bring in aid, Jeff Jampol, Mace Camhe and Mojo Risin’ came to the rescue. 

As told to Malibu Magazine

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JEFF: That Sunday, I’d told my friend Steve McKeever I’d take him into Malibu so he could get to his house. No one was being let in. I was on my way with Mace and our friend Kaj Larsen, when we thought: as long as we’re doing this, let’s just see if anyone else needs help. So I put up the post on my social media, and didn’t think much more about it. 

MACE: Basically I gave the first dozen people who called directions to our skip. But the deal was, everyone had to be back in an hour. If we left anyone, that would only create more problems for emergency services, which was the last thing we wanted to do. 

JEFF: When we got to the marina there there was a mix of people—a doctor, a retired sheriff’s deputy. One guy was bringing oxygen tanks in. As we approached Malibu the sun was setting and conditions were nice. Then around Latigo the wind picked up. Soon we could see flames at Zuma.

MACE: There was limited visibility. I held up a flashlight to check the air, and the ash made it look like we were in a snowstorm. When we got to Paradise Cove, Kaj and I put people on blow-up paddle boards, then paddled each individually to shore. 

JEFF: Little Pollyannas, we were like: we’re going to get up and back before sunset. We didn’t actually end up leaving until 1 a.m. But everyone came back.

MACE: That week I got hundreds of calls a day. I ended up running my boat out to Malibu until that Friday, bringing supplies, checking on people’s homes.

JEFF: The thing for us is that we’re lovers of Malibu. I’ve been coming out here for 30 years. Mace surfs here. We’re out there every weekend. And it’s so beautiful, it’s given us so much. So when there’s an opportunity to give back and be of service, why wouldn’t you? That was it. MM

Holly Bieler