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Los Angeles welcomes it’s first outpost of Amazing Lash Studio, the new extensions studio taking the country by storm.

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Locals on the lookout for expert eyelash extension services now need to look no further than Woodland Hills. Independently owned and operated by Steven and Lisa Ruby, Amazing Lash Studio Woodland Hills provides semi-permanent eyelash extensions in a contemporary salon environment. The upscale studio is designed for guests’ comfort and features 12 private lash application rooms.

Amazing Lash Studio is taking the beauty industry by storm with its ability to provide time-constrained women with beautiful, long-lasting, natural-looking eyelashes. “Eyelash extensions aren’t new to the industry, but we are the largest national name brand that specializes in the application and care of eyelash extensions,” said Steven. “We’re open seven days a week and service an unfulfilled demand for this beauty application, while making it more affordable, accessible and convenient for our guests.”

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Upon visiting the studio, guests are greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable front desk staff who help them settle in and prepare for their appointment. A Stylist then escorts guests to private rooms with comfortable, cushioned massage tables guests lie on throughout the application process. With 4 proprietary eyelash extension styles available to customize each look, Stylists then conduct a consultation and lash health evaluation to understand the client’s desired look and how to customize the eyelash styles to achieve it. Guests are encouraged to ask any questions before and throughout the process, and Stylists will cover the details of after care at the end of the appointment.

The specially-developed eyelash extensions are extremely lightweight, and so comfortable clients often say they forget they are even wearing them. The extensions vary in length and thickness to naturally enhance existing lashes, and are attached individually to each natural lash. Amazing Lash Studio Woodland Hills also offers 3D and 6D volume lashes, which are multiple extensions that are attached together and fan out to give a fuller, more voluminous lash line.


“Eyelash extensions are new to many of our guests,” said Lisa. “We understand the unknown can be intimidating. But it’s actually a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Our guests love their visits because it’s one of the few times they can just escape from their daily routine and relax. It’s like visiting a spa. In fact, since your eyes are closed for the duration of the appointment, many of our guests simply drift off for a ‘lash nap.’”

Since regular refills are recommended every two to three weeks to replace natural lash loss and maintain a full, thick set of lashes, Amazing Lash Studio Woodland Hills offers two monthly maintenance programs. The basic Maintenance Program consists of one lash refill per month for $69.99, and the Twice As Amazing Program consists of two lash refills per month for $119.99. Both programs include member discounts on additional services and products as well as other benefits. “It is said that the eyes are the windows to your soul,” says Steven. “Let us enhance your eyes, so your soul shines.” MM

21785 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills | (818) 210-4917 |

Holly Bieler