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A chat with Nurse Tiffany, of Beverly Hills' Beauty by Tiffany RN.

Nurse Tiffany’s Beverly Hills practice, Beauty by Tiffany RN, is known for treating everyone from local celebrities and Instagram models to soccer moms and NFL cheerleaders seeking incredible results that are customized for each individual’s unique needs. Nurse Tiffany is excited the demand for gentle and precise dermal fillers has led to the opening of a second location in the Calabasas area. We sat down with her for an overview of her practice, treatments and a look at what new patients can expect.ok at what new patients can expect.

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MM: Can you briefly describe how you came to be an aesthetic Nurse?

NT: I grew up surrounded by very feminine women. My grandmothers always prided themselves on their beauty regimens, and my mother always had the latest makeup and tricks. At the same time, my step-bother and stepfather are both doctors so I was exposed to medicine at a very young age. After moving to Los Angeles, I worked with a very prestigious plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. As soon as I entered the operation room, I was hooked. I wasn’t sure in what capacity I would pursue a career in the industry, but I was mesmerized by the precision, skill and craft. After a few years, non-invasive procedures started gaining popularity, and I realized I had a lot of model girlfriends that were big fans of these revolutionary anti-aging options. I was originally pursuing Kinesiology, but the switch to aesthetic nursing came as an “Aha moment” and I never looked back.

MM: People often wonder if their skin will look worse after a treatment of Botox/ Dysport or dermal fillers. Is that possible?

NT: People often start these treatments as a preventative measure. By beginning before it is fully needed, we have seen monumental results in preventing the normal genetic and age related rhytid formation (wrinkles). Treatments with dermal fillers have the added benefit of stimulating your own collagen production. This is often observed as the patient finds they need fewer products less frequently. Regular treatments with Botox or Dysport can reduce the strength and size of the muscle that is injected. This has been well studied and documented, and I have spoken to numerous patients who attest they look much smoother and softer today than they did years ago. I would say that patients certainly love their treatments, and once they get accustomed to their new “refreshed” look, they usually are hesitant to stop treatments.

MM: How long can one expect either treatment to last?

NT: Results from your treatment with Botox/Dysport should last anywhere from three to four months. Dermal filler results will last between six to 12 months, depending on the type of filler selected.


MM: What is your favorite procedure?

NT: I really love augmenting the lips and cheeks, and I pride myself in doing it in such a way that is notably gentler than most. I find with this gentle approach, I am achieving not only high patient satisfaction, but fewer traumas to the tissue are in turn producing superior bruise free results.

MM: What age group do you treat most frequently?

NT: My patients range in age from 18-81. I’m able to identify where each one is in the aging or prevention process, and am able to achieve the vastly different results each one desires.

MM: What would you like to tell your patients before they arrive?

NT: I am a huge advocate of patient education, and I would like my patients to be aware of the things that are in their system prior to their appointments. Much like surgery, we need patients to abstain from alcohol, Advil, aspirin, fish oil and a list of herbs (we can provide upon request) in order to obtain the best results. The most common side effects of injections are swelling and bruising, and these items contribute to thinning the blood and therefore bruising. I also would recommend not going straight from the gym to your appointment. In my opinion, it is better to give your blood pressure and heart rate some time to cool down before injecting. Ultimately, it is the patient’s choice, but knowledge is power, and I want all my patients to get the best results possible.

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